June 29, 2015


Yili Group outlines road map for dairy development at Global Dairy Congress



Leading Chinese dairy firm Yili Group was represented at the recent 9th Global Dairy Congress in Amsterdam, with company chairman Pan Gang outlining a road map for industry development as well as the new directions for sustainable growth of the industry worldwide.


At the congress, held on June 23-25, Yili Group Executive President Zhang JianQiu also talked on "New Normal and New Engine–New Prospects of China's Dairy Industry", which provided penetrating insights into Chinese dairy product trends and opportunities ahead for global dairy producers.


Innovative Yili products such as PRO-KIDO and Mei Yi Tian were displayed at the conference, serving as prototypes for other dairy providers in terms of technological innovation and product research.


At the conference Pan Gang said, "The upgraded consumption mix dominated by green consumers, fans and seniors has become the new engine for the growth of China's dairy industry."


He also pointed out that dairy producers in every corner of the world needed to move forward with innovation and internationalization so as to promote their transformation and upgrading. "Only by innovation can we meet the needs of different consumers and deliver greener and safer products to them. Meanwhile, we should synergize global resources and cooperate to make sure that our cattle are raised in the most suitable places and our dairy products are processed through the most advanced facilities worldwide".
Yili Group President Pan Gang's "Road-map of Development for the Dairy Industry" at the 9th Global Dairy Congress.  PRNewsFoto/Yili Group
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