June 29, 2011


Indonesia's live cattle close to meat self sufficiency target



A recent census has shown that the number of live cattle in Indonesia is close to the country's self sufficiency target at 15.24 million, dismissing concerns over a lack of meat supply following Australia's ban on live cattle exports to Indonesia.


"The census reports that the number of cows is 14.71 million and the number of buffaloes is 529,000," the head of the National Statistic Agency, Rusman Heriawan, said. "The figures are close to the self sufficiency target."


The census by the National Statistic Agency had begun on June 1, and is slated to end on June 30, he said.


The Australian government has stopped the export of over 650,000 live cattle annually to Indonesia in the middle of this month, following the allegation of cattle cruelty in abattoirs in Indonesia.


Indonesia has started to seek alternative sources in other countries to meet the supply gap, and also plans to boost supply from domestic sources.


However, efforts to create meat sufficiency in certain areas are hampered by the distribution of cattle in the archipelago country with over 17,500, said Heriawan.


Indonesia, a Muslim dominated country, faces the Islamic holy month of Ramadhan in August followed by Islamic festivities, during which the demand for food, particularly meat, surges.


The government has said that the domestic meat supply is sufficient for over six months of consumption.

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