June 29, 2011


Philippines coerced to import chicken
Alleged overpricing by local chicken producers might compel Philippine government to import chicken meat.
According to Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala, prices in the market have soared, which producers blamed on the twin weather disturbances Egay and Falcon.
Chicken meat prices were raised to PHP135-140 (US$3.10-3.22) per kilogramme from PHP130 (US$2.99) immediately after the two tropical depressions.
"I may be forced to allow the importation of chicken to boost supply and lessen the price of chicken in the market. I do not want to do this but I may have to, just to counter overpricing," Alcala said.
The DA chief scheduled a meeting with chicken raisers yesterday (June 28) to ask them to justify the price increase.

Should the chicken raisers fail to give a satisfactory explanation, Alcala said he will allow chicken meat importation.

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