June 28, 2021

New Hamlet Protein global HQ opened in Horsens, Denmark


Hamlet Protein has opened its new global headquarters in Horsens, Denmark.


The expansion allows the company to integrate all its departments in one building, and is expected to drive efficiency and effectiveness of Hamlet Protein's internal operations.


Hamlet Protein had to rethink the role of a physical office space during the pandemic, the company said.


"Shareholders and board approved the investment in the headquarter office, as we feel it is in another important step in Hamlet Protein's growth journey. Even though working from home has become common practice during the COVID-19 pandemic, we see a positive impact from bringing teams together under one roof," Kjeld Johannessen, chairman of Hamlet Protein's board, said.


The new headquarters include the latest technology in videoconferencing, areas for informal discussions, large meeting rooms and improved insulation applications to further reduce the company's carbon footprint.


"Despite the abundance of available online communication tools, we believe in the importance of in-person communication. Getting our people together under one roof will drive communication, creativity and networking. This will ultimately lead to a more successful organisation," Erik Visser, chief executive officer of Hamlet Protein, said.


- Hamlet Protein