Angel Yeast: Planting a foothold in the Asia-Pacific yeast market

The animal nutrition business of Chinese yeast developer Angel Yeast covers most countries in the Asia-Pacific, depending on local distributors to market its products.


In March this year, the company announced that it had invested US$1 million in setting up a subsidiary in Singapore to serve the region.


"We plan to improve the technical service in the APAC region," Andy Ren, managing director of Angel Yeast Singapore Pte Ltd, tells Livestock & Feed Business. "The establishment of the Singapore subsidiary enables us to conveniently introduce high-quality products to local customers. Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Australia are the countries that we will initially focus on."


Ren shares about coping with challenges in a pandemic-impacted market and Angel Yeast's recent developments.


Livestock & Feed Business: Please give an overview of Angel Yeast' products, services and solutions that will be marketed in the Asia-Pacific region.


Ren: For functional protein ingredients, we have GroPro, a high-quality hydrolysed yeast product, which can replace and reduce some animal-derived protein materials, reduce feed costs, improve feed quality and farming economic benefits efficiency and stabilise production.


GroPro products have good palatability and can increase feed intake, promote growth, repair intestinal damage and improve production performance.


For antibiotic alternatives, such as prebiotics and probiotics, we provide these products:


    - YeaVita is beneficial to animal intestinal health. It can effectively prevent and reduce diarrhoea, and promote the regulation of the stability of intestinal flora;


    - YeaMos can adsorb pathogens and improve animal immunity; 


    - YeaSense effectively inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and replace the use of some antibiotics.


For organic trace elements, our selenium yeast product, YeaSel, is rich in selenium, mainly in the form of organic amino acids, which can not only provide the amount of selenium required for the growth of tissues but also produces anti-oxidation and anti-stress effects and improves meat quality.


Additionally, we provide customers with high temperature resistant live yeast, live yeast for ruminants, soluble yeast cell wall and high-purity yeast beta-glucan.


With the current COVID-19 pandemic, feed mills and farms are very concerned about their immediate production costs and bottom line. What added value does Angel Yeast's products bring to them? What other opportunities and challenges do Angel Yeast see being brought forth by the pandemic?


Under the current environment, the cost of feed ingredients rises sharply. Feed factories and farms are searching for low-cost solutions while the requirements for health, nutrition and antibiotics-free production standards are increasing.


Angel Yeast's R&D team has committed to research and develop healthy, nutritious and antibiotics-free products for customers to help them reduce feed and farming costs and improve feed quality.


Despite the pandemic, we are constantly carrying out technological research and innovation to provide customers with professional, tailor-made solutions. Our high-quality products and services enable the company to achieve breakthrough developments during hard times.


Please elaborate on Angel Yeast's plans for the future.


Our strategy is aimed at becoming an international biotechnology company that is able to achieve a 15% growth in annual sales revenue in the APAC region.


"Innovation-driven and international development strategies" is the crux of our vision and roadmap for the next five years. We are looking forward to having more partners and deeper cooperation in APAC to better promote the development of baking, human nutrition and biotechnology industries in the region.





This interview is published in the July issue of Livestock & Feed Business.

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