Jun 28, 2011

Aviagen launches laboratory in Elkmont

Aviagen, a poultry breeding organisation based in Huntsville, has established a new 15,000-square-foot diagnostic and research laboratory in Elkmont.
The facility, which provides expanded and dedicated areas for laboratory work, will serve the needs of all Aviagen breeding-production facilities in the US.
The lab was designed to meet biosafety level II (BSL-II) standards and rigorous employee safety criteria.
"The new laboratory will help Aviagen meet the growing needs of its breeding programme and production units," said Dr Gregorio Rosales, vice president of veterinary services.
Aviagen has been a leader in poultry genetics, health and biosecurity for more than a decade, said Rosales. "This laboratory is an essential component that will allow us to maintain that role in the future and safeguard the supply of breeding stock to our customers in the US and over 45 countries around the world."
The building has office space for five veterinarians, a microbiologist and an information management system administrator and will initially have 20 employees.
Access to laboratory areas is restricted to lab personnel only, the company said. Bacteriology and pathogical exam rooms have separate ventilation systems to prevent any cross-contamination, and a drive-through window allows company personnel to drop off samples for testing without entering the facility.

Aviagen develops pedigree lines for the production of broiler chickens under the Ross, Arbor Acres and Indian River brand names.

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