Jun 28, 2011


EU new laws to affect UK's poultry industry



UK's organic egg and poultry sector could be "killed off" by suggested new EU regulations that would require feed to be 100% organic, according to experts yesterday (Jun 27).


Suggested new EU rules would mean feed had to be 100% organic. At present, it has to be only 95% organic.


Producers would also have to get at least half their feed from local or regional sources from next year.


The rules would effectively kill off the British market, trade magazine, The Grocer, said. The British Poultry Council said UK producers could not use 100% organic without compromising bird welfare and needed continued access to high-protein east European grain.


The BPC wants more time to try different feeds. A spokeswoman said there would be a very substantial reduction in UK organic poultry production if the plans came into effect

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