June 28, 2011


Turkey: 15th biggest milk producer



Turkey has emerged to be the world's 15th largest milk producing nation.


According to a report by the National Milk Council, Turkey's milk production increased fourfold to 13 million tonnes in 2010 over the previous year while exports of dairy products reached US$168.86 million.


Cow milk accounts for 92.36% while sheep milk accounts for 5.85% and goat milk accounts for 1.53% of the total milk production.


In 2010, Turkey used more than one million tonnes of its milk production as drinking milk. About 473,000 tonnes of milk were used for cheese production and 908,000 tons in yogurt production.


Turkey's milk production increased by 8.3% in the last five years and Turkey's exports of dairy products rose by 89.26%in the same period.

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