June 27, 2020


UMITRON to launch satellite to gather ocean data for aquaculture



In cooperation with Tokyo Tech, UMITRON was selected for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Innovative Satellite Demonstration programme to launch a satellite to gather ocean data for aquaculture, PR Newswire reported.


UMITRON K.K. has been selected for the innovative satellite demonstration programme of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in cooperation with the Tokyo Institute of Technology and others. A small satellite will be launched in FY2022 with a mission to gather ocean observations for aquaculture. High-frequency and high-resolution observations of plankton and nutrient levels will be acquired to support the aquaculture industry including fish, shellfish and algae farmers.


UMITRON PULSE will be a new ocean satellite data service for aquaculture.


Aquaculture has become a key component of the global food production system. At the same time, the world's oceans are in a state of rapid environmental change creating a number of risks and challenges for today's farmers.


For example, fish can be easily killed by algae blooms and seaweed or shellfish growth can be inhibited by nutrient depletion. In order to reduce these risks and stabilise aquaculture production, information on the ocean environment such as the distribution of plankton and nutrients is critical for the industry.


UMITRON has been working with a research group led by the Tokyo Institute of Technology to collect high-frequency and high-resolution data that enables the close observation of coastal regions which are a key area for aquaculture operations. As a member of the research consortium UMITRON is in charge of demonstrating the use of satellite data for the aquaculture industry.


Prior to this research project, UMITRON has been working on an ocean data service for aquaculture called UMITRON PULSE which is scheduled for release in early July 2020.