June 27, 2017


MSD supports swine discussion at FESASS meeting in Belgium



In mid-May, MSD Animal Health supported a discussion on preparedness for trans-boundary animal diseases with a focus on the role of stakeholders.


The meeting was hosted by the Fédération Européenne Pour la Santé Animale et la Sécurité Sanitaire (FESASS) in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting further reinforced the aim of the organisation to defend and strengthen animal health and food safety. During the multiple sessions of the meeting, attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the impact of diseases; early disease detection and response; contingency planning and operational procedures and how best to improve their level of preparedness.


"Biosecurity is a major concern in the swine industry since it affects performance, economic results and can affect markets for trading when catastrophic diseases are present," explains Carlos Piñeiro, managing director, PigChamp Europe who is currently partnering with MSD Animal Health on a biosecurity programme. "As the industry is becoming more globalised, managing biosecurity at the farm level is vital to ensure we are managing challenges quickly, before they become global issues."


At the close of the meeting, participants concluded that the promotion of early warning systems; managing each aspect of the production chain with an intent to focus on pain points; and best ways to promote incentives for farmer engagement were vital steps to take to increase the health of pigs and a strong food safety offering. They also acknowledged that there is no single solution that fits every case, but the discussion at the meeting was a step in the right direction.


MSD Animal Health recognises the impact that biosecurity has on the food chain and the ability to maintain a plentiful food supply which is why the company is committed to ongoing efforts and programmes to increase the awareness and impact of biosecurity systems.