June 24, 2016


China becomes the largest importer of Brazilian beef


According to figures released bythe Association of Brazilian Beef Exporters (ABIEC) earlier this month, China (excluding Hong Kong) had become the largest buyer of Brazilian beef in May, with a total import of 20,300 tonnes of beef from Brazil for US$84.3 million.Egypt took second place with 17,300 tonnes of Brazilian beef, followed by Hong Kong with 15,000 tonnes.


About 101,000 tonnes of Brazilian beef were exported last month, an increase of 16.28% month-on-month and an increase of 17.6% year-on-year,generating revenues of US$398 million.


China had previously banned Brazil's beef imports after detecting mad cow disease in 2012. However, since China lifted the ban last August, Brazil has quickly become the largest beef exporter to China, pushing Australia to second place. With demand for beef in China on the rise, experts believe Brazil's beef exports to China will likewise continue to increase both in quantity and variety.

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