Jun 27, 2011


Australia aids live cattle industry workers



The Australian Federal Government has declared an AUD3 million (US$ 3.1 million) compensation package for the live cattle sector, confessing the temporary ban of exports to Indonesia has caused life to be difficult.


Minister for Agriculture Joe Ludwig said payments will be available for workers whose income has been hit by the temporary suspension.


"This assistance package will ensure employees and small business owners who earn the majority of their income from the live cattle trade to Indonesia receive support in the short term," Ludwig said.


The financial assistance will be backdated to June 7, the day the suspension started.


The Federal Government said the AUD3 million (US$3.1 million) is separate from the AUD5 million (US$5.2 million) animal welfare contingency fund which it is still trying to get the industry to pay.


Ludwig said any employees retrenched as a result of the temporary suspension will also be able to access immediate and personalised employment services as part of the package.


"This assistance will target anyone made redundant as a direct result of the suspension and will help them to get back into the workforce as quickly as possible."

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