June 27, 2011


Wheat output in China increases for eighth consecutive year



For this year's summer harvest, three of the major grain producing provinces in China have reported an increase in wheat output for the eighth consecutive year.


Hebei, in North China, saw its wheat output reach 13.18 million tonnes in this year's harvest, up 7.3% from the previous year, sources reported.


Jiangsu, in East China, saw its wheat output in the reporting period reach 10.3 million tonnes, 215 million kilogrammes more than last year. The province's grain output reached 11.18 million tonnes in the first harvest of this year, 260 million kilogrammes more than the previous year.


Meanwhile, the agricultural department of Anhui, in East China, reports that the summer wheat harvest may reach up to 12.2 million tonnes this year.


Anhui Province has suffered severe drought from September last year to May this year. The increase in wheat output may be attributed to the growing area of wheat farmland, and high yield per hectare, said the department.

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