June 27, 2011


Russia's United Grain may export 2.5 million tonnes of grain


Russia's United Grain Co. may ship as much as 2.5 million tonnes of grain overseas starting July 1, when the 10-month export ban ends, Chief Executive Officer, Sergei Levin, said.


Exports were about 400,000 tonnes before the ban started in August 2010. The company wants to keep its customers in the Middle East and Africa and expand to new markets in Asia, Levin said.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said total exports may be 15 million tonnes from the harvest of 85 million tonnes.


"Russia's potential in world grain production and trade is very high indeed," Levin said. "It relates to both technological conditions, which are not used to the full extent now, as well as to possession of large land areas, which are still not used for agriculture."

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