Jun 27, 2011
Thailand to urge EU reinstate Thai chicken imports

Thailand should seek EU to recommence imports of Thai frozen chicken in order to increase the likelihood of Japan to follow suit, according to the Thai Minister, Amparwon Pichalai.
Thai poultry farms have been free from viruses for a long time and should be eligible to resume exporting frozen chickens, she said, but approval from Japanese authorities has been slow.
Japan now imports frozen chicken only from Brazil, leaving no alternative for Japanese importers, who have tried to encourage Thai authorities to speed up talks with their Japanese counterparts.
Amparwon said that while it was convenient for food industries to import processed chicken from Thailand, the frozen chicken market had its own customers and there was great potential for Thailand to expand exports of frozen chicken to Japan if the ban is lifted.
Japan consumes around 2.1-2.5 million tonnes of chicken each year but the country can produce only around 1.4 million tonnes and imports around one-third of the demands.

Japan is expected to import more chicken in light of tight domestic supplies after many farms were destroyed in the March earthquake and tsunami.

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