June 27, 2008


Brazil's Parana reports 20 percent less winter corn due to frost


Brazil's main grain state of Parana will reap 20 percent less of its projected winter corn crop due to frost in the past weeks, the state agricultural secretariat said.


Corn farms in the west, north and southwest of the state suffered from a severe to moderate frost on two mornings earlier in June.


Parana said it had harvested 9.6 million tonnes from the summer crop a few months ago and had previously forecast a harvest of 6.8 million tonnes from the winter crop, which is now seen reduced to 5.5 million tonnes.


In 2007 winter corn crop, the state harvested 5.6 million tonnes, officials said.


However, the state agriculture secretariat said that losses from the recent frost were not as bad as early estimates.


Last year, Brazil exported a record more than 11 million tonnes of corn, due to crop shortage in some EU countries and record high prices.


The government said in early June that Brazil harvested 39.9 million tonnes from the larger summer corn crop and was forecast to harvest 18.5 million tonnes from the national winter crop.

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