June 27, 2008


China's Shanghai Dairy launches first organic fresh milk facility


The Shanghai Dairy Group announced Tuesday (June 24) that the construction of its Shanghai Organic Milk Production base has been completed.


The pure organic milk was introduced in Shanghai's market at the beginning of June, with its sales price five times higher than the standard milk price at RMB36/950ml (US$5.344).


The production base is located in the Lianjiang pasture in Huangshan's Shexian County in Anhui Province and covers a land area of 80 hectares.


Shanghai Bright Dairy is one of China's largest dairy producers. It has the largest pasture in East Asia and a 500,000 tonne annual production capacity. It churns out a variety of dairy products including disinfected milk, fresh milk, yogurt, pasteurized milk and milk powder.

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