June 27, 2008


US scientists develop new antimicrobial wash technology

Researchers from the University of Georgia have developed a new antimicrobial wash technology that could replace the current chlorine treatment.

The new antimicrobial wash could rapidly kill salmonella and E.coli on foods ranging from vegetables and fruits to poultry products and meats within one to five minutes from application.


The wash is made from a combination of ingredients that are recognised as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


The new wash would also not affect the appearance or quality of the food product and may even extend the shelf life of some types of produce.


The US currently uses a chlorine wash to reduce harmful bacteria levels on foods but many bacteria survive the treatment due to chlorine's sensitivity to food components and extra materials released in chlorinated water treatments.


Chlorine is toxic at high concentrations, may alter the appearance and taste of certain food products and can only be used with specialised equipment and trained personnel.

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