June 26, 2013


Pakistan may play significant role in halal meat industry


As its demand is increasing day by day, halal meat market is growing rapidly throughout the world and Pakistan could play pivotal role in this industry due to its 160 million quality livestock including 71 million cattle and buffalos and 89 million goats and sheep.


Pakistan ranked 18th in the production of halal meat market and its volume is only 2.9% of the global halal meat production which is very low.


There is no Muslim country included in the list of first 10 halal meat exporters, although Pakistan, Sudan and other Muslim countries have big potential of exporting halal meat globally.


Halal meat is not only the name of meat but more than 26 halal industries are also based on bi-products of halal meat such as sasings, bone crashing, gelatin, sausages, leather and other industries are associated with it.


Zubair Mughal Chief Executive Officer Halal Research Council (HRC) explained to strengthen the global halal meat industry. HRC was going to organise an international workshop on halal meat, which would be scheduled on August 26, 2013 in Dubai UAE.


In the event experts including Javaid Awan of Agriculture University Faisalabad, Nasib Ahmad Saifi a private sector expert and other international speakers will limelight the need and importance of halal meat, fundamentals of halal certification, animal welfare and stunning, impact of halal slaughtering on meat quality, pre and post slaughtering procedures, global market and demand for halal meat, strategies to increase the share of halal meat in global meat market, livestock management for halal meat, slaughterhouse automation-machinery, tools and training and utilisation of halal meat in the production of processed and semi-processed food items.


The main aim of this workshop is to promote the trade and importance of halal meat at international level. Halal meat exporters, veterinary doctors, Shariah scholars, food technologists and hotel industry will get benefit through this workshop.


HRC is a Pakistan based think tank working for the development of halal industry through research, advisory, advocacy, market intelligence and capacity building. It is working globally with the help of 28 international strategic partners which are based in USA, UK, Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan, Spain, Germany, India, Bangladesh, Sweden and other countries.