Swine Business Developer - Asia


Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


NEOVIA ranks among the world leaders in nutrition and animal health and stands apart with strong international development working in seven main activities: Complete feed, Services and Premixes, Animal health, Additives, Analysis laboratories, Aquaculture and Pet Care.

The company's long-standing presence in France, a benchmark market with advanced know-how and high standards, is accompanied by a dynamic international growth policy. The company boasts significant presence around the world, in countries that have already become key growth sources.

A pioneer in animal feed and health with over 60 years' expertise, Neovia is a leading world player in the sector with 8300 employees and an international footprint spanning over 28 countries, where the group manages 75 factories and 11 R&D centers.

Asia Division: A turnover in the region of €330 million with approximately 2000-strong workforce, ten legal structures located in several countries and 12 production units.

Along with Latin America and Africa, Asia is one of the company's three priority investment areas. It has supported a number of expansion projects in that region in the past two years including a new plant in Indonesia, a facility and river loading dock in Vietnam and two plants in the Philippines.


Create, develop and promote our offering of product ranges and services dedicated to swine industry.

To boost sales revenue and undertake market development.

To provide expert services and market expertise.


DUTY: Act as a swine industry specialist:

    •  Explain and upsell products and associated services offered to our customers

    •  Highlight and promote R&D advances with our customers

    •  Provide expert advice to customer and subsidiaries teams

    •  Develop new technical approaches

    •  Provide technical support for the team and customers (compilation of technical notes, training, etc.)

DUTY: Apply commercial strategy and develop sales

    •  Ensure commercial policy and business plans are applied for each market (sales objectives for each product/zone)

    •  Implement prospecting policy

    •  Organize sales plans (objectives, products, periods)

DUTY: Support network of local specialists and subsidiaries

    •  Organize training programs

    •  Advise on strategy, sales development, etc.

DUTY: Develop, optimize and monitor product ranges, as well as the composition and implementation of the action plan and activity monitoring plan

    •  Carry out monitoring of competitor activity and regulatory affairs

    •  Evaluate potential areas for development and identify market needs

    •  Validate areas for strategic focus

    •  Plan and schedule marketing initiatives, and put forward a budget for the plan

    •  Study pricing position of our products

    •  Monitor statistics for products sold and adapt action plan based on results

    •  Participate in the composition of bills of specification and new product/service processes

    •  Organize launches of new products/services

    •  Assess activity performance (effectiveness of marketing actions, profitability, customer satisfaction, etc.).

    •  Collaborate with R&D, formulation dept and affiliates to develop products and services


    »  Relevant bachelors or master's degree in Animal production or husbandry.

    »  7 years hands on working experience

    »  Ability to work independently, self-motivated, and ready to take initiatives

    »  Must be fluent in English

    »  Business trips within the Asia zone and abroad are to be expected