June 25, 2008


India's Punjab state reports high milk production despite less cows

The buffalo and cow population in India's Punjab state have declined by 16.6 percent and 13.6 percent, respectively, according to the latest census; milk production, however, has increased 18 percent.


The growth in milk production is attributed to 85 percent of the cows being cross-bred. These cows have the highest average milk production each day.


The per capita availability of milk in Punjab is 939 grams per day, which is the highest in India. The national average is 225 grams. Punjab has merely 1.5 percent of the country's cattle population but the state contributes 10 percent of milk to the central pool, Dr BS Sidhu, Director of Animal Husbandry told Express India.


According to Dr Sidhu, this is because of the increased productivity of the state's cross-bred cows, which has been driven by the use of embryo transfer technology, ova pick up and in-vitro fertilisation.

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