June 24, 2011


Pakistan's Livestock Department launches vaccination campaign



The livestock department of Faisalabad has started a campaign for the vaccination of animals to prevent the spread of disease, as a result of the flood disasters earlier this year.


Department director Dr. Abdul Rehman said that 22 flood sectors had been established in all eight towns of the district, where 18 veterinary doctors and 36 veterinary assistants have been deployed.


He said about 883,200 animals in the district would be vaccinated during the campaign, although the livestock department was currently facing a vaccine shortage.


However, the request for vaccine supplies has been forwarded to Sindh Poultry Vaccination Centre, Karachi, University of Animal Sciences, Lahore and Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology (NIAB), Faisalabad.


He said the total number of animals in the district stood at 460,632 cows, 1,147,586 buffalos, 54,753 sheeps, 904,918 goats, 3,212 camels, 132,214 donkeys, 10, 479 horses and 6,102 mules.


The campaign began on June 15 and will continue till September 30.

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