June 23, 2020


Dutch startup that develops Fitbit-style monitors for cows receives US$8.8 million investment



Connecterra, a Dutch startup that develops an artificial intelligence-based system allowing dairy farmers to monitor their herds with more precision, has received a Series B investment of €7.8 million (US$8.8 million), Sifted reported.


The investment is said to be the biggest of its kind for an European livestock tech company.

Connecterra's applications are  based on Fitbit-like sensors that cows wear to have their movements observed. The system analyses the movements to detect problems like cows not eating as much as usual, or moving less than normal.

The system also enables farmers to spot conditions such as lameness and mastitis early - as well as indicating when cows are in heat and ready for insemination.

According to Connecterra, the system can eliminate the use of hormones in dairy farming and reduce antibiotics use by 50%.


- Sifted