June 22, 2020


No suspension of Chile salmon exports to China


Chile's National Fisheries Service (SERNAPESCA) and Chinese authorities have confirmed that there will be no restrictions for salmon exports from Chile to China, Fish Information & Services reported.


A joint inspection was carried out online by Chile and Chinese authorities to verify and remotely supervise the biosecurity and safety measures in Chile's salmon processing plants.


This remote meeting was conducted after supermarkets and food stores in China began removing salmon from their shelves due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak at Beijing's Xinfadi wholesale market.


SERNAPESCA said three salmon plants were chosen for the remote supervision, located in the Bio Bio and Los Lagos areas.


China's custom authorities viewed the salmon plant operators implementing their control measures through the live broadcast.


In addition, executives representing SERNAPESCA clarified doubts brought up by Chinese authorities, answered queries related to possible COVID-19 cases among plant workers, and explained the measures implemented by the salmon plants to safeguard food security.


Alicia Gallardo Lagno, national director of SERNAPESCA welcomed the confirmation that there will be no restrictions to Chilean salmon export to China, consistent with investigations conducted by China's custom authority that had found no COVID-19 traces in Chilean salmon.


China is the fifth biggest buyer of salmon from Chile, with 40,000 tonnes exported per year.


-      Reuters

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