June 23, 2016

Novus' CIBENZA® EP150 approved for EU market




Novus International's CIBENZA® EP150 feed additive has been approved by the EU in early June.


The decision paves the way for the product's debut in the region, and thus strengthens Novus' global position as an enzyme solution provider.


Developed to support poultry gut health, CIBENZA® EP150 is used in low-protein diets and helps to optimise feed formulation as well as managing varialbility in bird performance. As a feed additive, it serves to benefit fattening chickens, laying breeds, minor poultry species and ornamental birds.


Uwe Ranft, Novus' area general manager for Europe and the Middle East, expressed the company's commitment to solve problems faced by its customers, commenting that CIBENZA® EP150 unlocks "added value in poultry operations". "…this initial registration of CIBENZA EP150 is just the beginning of our enzyme feed additive solutions being made available to our customers in the European Union," he said.

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