Feed Bussiness Worldwide: June 2014
Has the tide finally turned for beef? 
by Eric J. BROOKS
Like a ship slowly turning at sea, an array of coincident factors imply that after thirty-five terrible years, the world market for beef is turning at a critical inflection point.
Traditionally the west's red meat of choice, beef's relatively high cost and an unending succession of beef-related health scares (which have now been proven to be scientifically false) made for 35 of the darkest years our industry has seen. In the early 1900, Americans ate 3.5 times more beef than chicken; by the late 2000s, they were eating 1.6 times more chicken than beef. - And this trend was repeated throughout the west.
Asia was too poor to eat substantial quantities of red meat but from Europe to America, Canada to Australia, per capita beef consumption fell anywhere from 30% to 50% over three decades. Per capita consumption fell faster than the population expanded but cattle productivity took off, making for thirty years of gradually falling output and steeply declining cattle inventories.
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