June 23, 2011


New US chicken processor to target halal market niche



Tauherr Poultry, a small startup company, has purchased a facility in Princess Anne, Maryland, for its new venture in processing halal chickens.


According to local media, the company is looking to process halal chickens, which are slaughtered according to Islamic dietary laws, for the Muslim market.


Tauherr Poultry plans to hire 15 to 25 workers initially to process chickens at a former American Dehydrated Foods plant in the Princess Anne Industrial Park.


According to Terrence Nichols, part owner of Tauherr Poultry, the plant is in the preliminary stages, and could take six months to a year before everything is up and running.


Halal foods are a US$550 billion industry worldwide, and are used by the 1.6 million Muslims living in the US.

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