June 22, 2015


AB Vista appoints new supply chain and regulatory director

AB Vista has appointed Dr. Heidi Burrows as supply chain and regulatory director.

In addition to her previous responsibility as regulatory director, Dr. Burrows will now be responsible for overseeing AB Vista's growing supply chain network. The appointment follows considerable strengthening of AB Vista's supply chain infrastructure, which has seen investment in new facilities and new partnerships.

The last five years has been a period of rapid growth for AB Vista due to the global success of Quantum Blue. As a result, the company has placed a strong focus on building a strong and reliable global supply chain infrastructure. This new appointment will be another step in further strengthening the global reach of the company.

AB Vista managing director Richard Cooper says, "We move product across the world into more than 60 countries, from nine different production and logistical facilities, so this is a highly complex operation, one where efficiency, reliability and accuracy are key."

"Each of the geographical locations AB Vista operates within across the globe brings different logistical, regulatory and quality assurance challenges. Having more than 17 years' experience working within the feed industry, Dr. Burrows is ideally suited to leading AB Vista in these areas," Mr. Cooper adds.

Dr. Burrows joined the AB Vista team in January 2008 as a regulatory manager, bringing with her more than ten years' experience of working in the feed additive industry, and was promoted to the AB Vista management team in 2012.

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