June 21, 2021

Aviagen hosts webinars to launch new Parent Performance Objectives and Nutrition Specifications 



Aviagen recently released its new 2021 European Parent Stock (PS) Performance Objectives and Nutrition Specifications, and throughout the month of May, welcomed more than 400 customers from various European business units to a series of webinars to introduce these publications, Aviagen said.


The company's Performance Objectives provide a benchmarking tool to help customers maximise the potential of its birds.


Detailing the specific nutritional strategy needed at each stage of development to grow healthy birds, the Nutritional Specifications go hand in hand with the objectives. They allow target performance to be achieved in a balanced way, optimising reproductive health, growth rate, early development, quality, livability and other key indicators of bird productivity, health and welfare.


During all five webinars, the Nutrition Specifications were discussed in detail by Aviagen senior nutritionist Adam Sacranie.The webinars were concentrated in Europe.


"We developed the new Parent Stock Nutrition Specifications and Performance Objectives to complement each other. Effectively following the carefully developed nutritional strategy enables producers to achieve the Performance Objectives in a balanced way, simultaneously promoting biological performance, optimal development, livability and other indicators of bird health and well-being," explained Lorenzo Rossi, Aviagen's regional technical manager of Western Europe.


"Together, the Nutrition Specifications and Performance Objectives are part of our Breeding Sustainability strategy, simultaneous promoting qualities that help sustain the businesses of our producers, while helping them deliver a nutritious and affordable protein source to their communities across Europe and around the world," said Nicolas Neyra, Aviagen's regional technical manager of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.


Dejan Bosanac, regional technical manager of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), added that the webinars have proven to be an effective way to remain in touch with customers throughout the pandemic.


"We care about our customers, and are committed to sharing the very latest knowledge that will help strengthen their success," Bosanac said. "While nothing can replace face-to-face collaboration, webinar technology has helped us continue to communicate important information, while also providing a forum for networking and relationship-building, which are also extremely important in our close-knit industry."


- Aviagen