June 21, 2021

Aviagen South Africa completes first GP export to Zambia


In early 2021, Aviagen South Africa had successfully completed its first grandparent (GP) export to its exclusive Ross distributor in Zambia, Ross Breeders Zambia, Aviagen said.


The chicks were transported to Ross Breeder Zambia via OR Tambo airport and were then collected by Ross Breeder Zambia's own aeroplane and flown to Lusaka airport in Zambia.


With the supply base being local, Aviagen was able to transport the chicks to the breeder farm via truck, resulting in a significant reduction in logistical time.


Due to avian influenza in Europe and the COVID-19 restrictions preventing Ross Breeders Zambia from using usual export routes, Aviagen South Africa teams provided a solution to assure food security in Zambia through local export from its South African operation, Aviagen said.


"We recently received our grandparent shipment from Aviagen's great grandparent (GGP) operation in South Africa. We were very pleased with the high level of professionalism shown by Aviagen South Africa, and it was a pleasure interacting with their staff during this smooth process," said Andrew Clarkson, general manager of Ross Breeders Zambia. "As this was their first export of day old chicks, I feel they are well equipped and prepared for any future exports."


"The shipment to Ross Breeders Zambia was a great milestone for Aviagen South Africa, being the first ever chick export from South Africa," said Len du Toit, senior operations manager of Aviagen South Africa. "It was a great opportunity to learn and prove to ourselves what is possible when we work together. We look forward to being able to do more exports from our South African base in the future."



- Aviagen