June 21, 2021

Beleaguered poultry farmers in Malaysia call on public to consume more chicken



Poultry farmers in Malaysia have called on the public to consume more chicken to save the country's farming industry following falling sales and the announcement of a pandemic lockdown, Sin Chew Daily reported.


According to the honorary president of the Malaysian Federation of Livestock Farmers' Associations, Kwei Yew Tong, poultry sales fell by 30% after the public was no longer allowed to dine in at restaurants.


As supply of chickens far outstripped demand, prices have fallen to just RM3.80 (US$0.92) per kilogramme, which is RM1.80 (US$0.43) lesser than the cost of production.


Kwei revealed that on average, Malaysian consumers purchase around 1.6 million chickens, or 3.52 million kilogrammes of chicken, every day.


"As we are losing RM1.80 per kilogramme, farmers across the country lose up to RM6.34 million (US$1.5 million) per day. In just a month, losses would rack up to nearly RM200million (US$48.2 million), " he said.


Kwei pointed out that many small-time farmers will not be able to continue incurring losses and are expected to close down in August or September.



- The Star