June 21, 2017


China accepts first shipment of beef from US after 14 years



After 14 years, China allowed the entry of imported US beef into the country on Tuesday, June 20.


The acceptance of the first beef shipment from the US since 2003 fulfilled China's pledge on the US-China 100-day action plan to boost bilateral economic ties, Xinhua reported.


Under an agreement reached with Washington, China is to accept only products from beef cattle aged younger than 30 months. Beef importers should also be registered at the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China.


Likewise, cattle must be traceable to their birth farm. They should be raised and slaughtered in the US. Although cattle imported from Canada and Mexico are acceptable, they should be slaughtered in the US.


Banned for importation are the offspring of cattle with or suspected with mad cow disease. The agreement also deals with veterinary drug regulation, as well as packaging and shipment standards.


Xinhua said that during a meeting at the Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida in April, leaders of the two nations agreed to initiate a 100-day action plan to boost bilateral economic cooperation.


As a result of the action plan, China will allow imports of US beef and the United States will import poultry from China. Most of the agreements are expected to be implemented by July 16.


China imposed a ban on US beef in December 2003 after mad cow disease was found in US cattle. Before the ban, the US was China's largest supplier of imported beef.