June 21, 2016


Work on demand generation for UK lamb recognised



For generating demand for British lamb in the Polish market, AHDB Beef & Lamb was presented with the Breakthrough Trade Award at the recent Make Europe Work! Business Awards 2016 in London.


Jean-Pierre Garnier, head of AHDB Exports said: "Poland offers great opportunities for UK sheep meat exports, thanks to its low domestic production coupled with an increasingly affluent population and growing consumer interest in experimenting with different cuisines.


The Poland market is estimated to be worth £43 million (US$63.3 million) in export sales over the next four years, according to the beef and lamb division of the UK Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board.


Garnier said the award was a testament to the cooperation between the UK industry and the network of the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC), "who we're working closely to maximise the potential of the market in both the retail and foodservice sectors".


The AHDB Beef & Lamb had identified Poland, among other non-traditional EU markets, as having a huge potential for the export of Quality Standard Mark (QSM) lamb.


Meanwhile, Marek Schejbal, of the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce, will talk on export opportunities in Poland at the AHDB Meat Export Conference in Warwick on June 29.

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