June 21, 2016


Australia's cattle exports to Vietnam suspended due to animal cruelty


The apparent failure of Vietnam's cattle facilities to ensure the proper welfare of animals under its care have led to Australia's Department of Agriculture banning cattle exports to the country, The West Australian reported.


The measure is in addition to the already existing suspensions imposed by Australian livestock exporters. Currently, six facilities in Vietnam will be prohibited from receiving Australia's cattle following a complaint launched by Animals Australia. Also affected are 10 other abattoirs as well as one feedlot in Phu Xuyen and another in Haiphong. One of Vietnam's biggest importers, Animex, is blacklisted by Australian authorities.


Remaining cattle in the suspended facilities are to either be removed or slaughtered humanely, a Department of Agriculture spokesman said. "Exporters have been directed to reconcile the whereabouts of all animals in their Vietnam supply chain. The department has reviewed the videos and determined there is sufficient evidence to believe that the cattle are Australian and that Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System control and traceability requirements and animal welfare requirements are not being met," he added.


In light of the recent allegations of cruelty within the Vietnamese cattle sector, members of the Australian Livestock Exporters Council could be pressured into compliance with random independent monitoring of CCTV footage from Vietnamese abattoirs. Three of the eight cattle exporters based in Vietnam employed an independent service to monitor CCTV footage, Lyn White, chief investigator of Animals Australia, commented.

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