June 21, 2011


Ukraine plans to sell 450,000 tonnes grain



Ukraine is about to export 450,000 tonnes of various grains in the coming weeks, according to data provided by agriculture consultancy ProAgro on Monday (Jun 20).


The consultancy quoted data from Ukrainian sea ports as showing that the volume included 179,000 tonnes of wheat, 167,000 of corn and 107,000 of barley.


ProAgro said Ukraine had exported 58,400 tonnes of corn and 58,000 of wheat in the first half of June.


The ex-Soviet republic harvested 39.2 million tonnes of grain in 2010 compared with 46 million in 2010.


Analysts have said the country's grain exports could fall to about 11-12 million tonnes in the 2010/11 season from 21.5 million in 2009/10.

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