June 20, 2016


Aviagen's Russian school focuses on breeder management




Aviagen® LLC recently held its fifth Russian Production Management School near St Petersburg.


The school focused on Ross® 308 parent stock (PS) management and is just one of Aviagen's international Production Management Schools.  


The school was attended by over 60 students from different regions of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and the Baltic States and students enjoyed the interactive approach in practical work settings of this year's format.


This year, the format of the school changed to emphasis more on practical group work and students enjoyed the interactive elements. Members of the Aviagen team delivered presentations on management in rear and lay, data analysis, nutrition and vaccination programmes.


"In my first year as school director, I thought it was important to place emphasis on fine tuning the production process. I believe that the secret of success is hidden in the small details, so it is important to show our students where to focus their attention to achieve the best results," said Marcel Janssen, regional technical manager of Aviagen. "We already have several Russian customers who are achieving excellent results and gaining membership of in the Ross 140 Club and Ross 400 Club, with some customers exceeding expectations. We want the best results for all of our customers and these schools are a great way for us to help them achieve their goals."
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