June 20, 2011


Chinese Yema Group eyes US$2-million brine shrimp plant in Uzbekistan 


China-based Yema Group Co Ltd is interested in investing about US$2 million in the construction of a plant in Uzbekistan's Muynak region to catch, grow and process brine shrimps in the Aral sea and export it abroad.


The regional department of Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in the Republic of Karakalpakstan on June 7 received Li Lisheng, a representative of Yema Group Co Ltd (China) office in Uzbekistan.


The purpose of the visit was the discussion of the project on establishment of brine shrimp production in Muynak region of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. Chinese entrepreneurs are extremely interested in investing in Uzbekistan.


Yema Group Co Ltd has has a 20 year history and is a major trading company in Xinjiang, it is one of 100 largest import and export companies in China and has over 15 branches in Central Asia and Russia.


The schedule for the construction of brine shrimp plant with a capacity of 600 tonnes a year was discussed in the meeting. This will facilitate the creation of 200-300 new workplaces, while exports of this product through the company will bring foreign currency to the country. The Aral sea project will increase the efficiency of local resources and improve living standards of the indigenous population.


Both sides agreed to continue cooperation, search for new ways to develop bilateral entrepreneurial relations between the Republic of Uzbekistan and China.

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