June 20, 2011


Georgia's meat prices increase



Georgia's meat prices rise due to constraints imposed on cattle culling and meat procession.


There is common consensus that Natakhtari slaughterhouse, which has gained right on cattle slaughtering and issuing certificates for meat realisation, has a lion's share in price increase, according to the media.


Professor Avto Silagadze considers that monopoly is the main reason of meat price rise. At the same time, Paata Sheshelidze, president of "New Economic School Georgia", considers that the reason was EU's insistent demands to Georgia on restrictions' imposition on meat realisation.


Ministry of Agriculture consciously refrains to comment on this issue.


In its turn, National Food Agency considers that definite speculative groups are artificially trying to create meat deficit.


Meat supplying slaughterhouses are fully satisfying Tbilisi's demand and price will get stabile in near future, the agency assured.

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