June 18, 2024


Aqsen Innovations launches aquaculture sensor system trial on Lake Victoria, Africa


UK-based technology startup Aqsen Innovations has selected Lake Victoria, Africa as the testing ground for its new aquaculture sensor system, Aquasense, which aims to assist fish farmers by providing timely and accurate monitoring of water quality conditions, SeafoodSource reported.


According to Aqsen Innovations, Aquasense has already undergone successful trials in fish farms across Uganda and India. These trials focused on monitoring water quality in floodplains and agricultural areas.


Aquasense is designed to empower fish farmers on Lake Victoria with real-time data on crucial parameters such as pond temperature, oxygen levels, salinity, and chemical presence, including chlorine. This capability allows farmers to promptly assess conditions and make informed decisions to mitigate potential losses associated with poor water quality.


The system delivers critical data through instant alerts, enabling farmers to optimize feeding schedules and monitor fish health effectively. This proactive approach is expected to enhance overall farm management and productivity.


Lake Victoria, Africa's largest freshwater lake, plays a vital role in supporting a blue economy that employs over 200,000 people across Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. However, the lake has faced persistent challenges with deteriorating water quality, which has contributed to declining fish stocks and biodiversity loss, impacting local livelihoods dependent on fishing and navigation.


Over the past two decades, aquaculture production in the Lake Victoria Basin has seen significant growth, driven by increased investment in commercial cage aquaculture. This growth highlights the region's potential as a hub for innovative solutions aimed at improving sustainability and productivity in aquaculture.


Lake Victoria has been a focal point for testing various innovative initiatives aimed at boosting its seafood industry. For instance, Kenyan startup AquaRech has piloted a digital marketplace for fish feed, while the EU-backed TRUE-FISH project focuses on training aquaculture workers and promoting sustainability through pilot programs across the lake.


Aqsen Innovations' decision to trial Aquasense on Lake Victoria underscores a commitment to leveraging technology to address environmental challenges and enhance productivity in aquaculture. As trials continue and technology evolves, stakeholders are optimistic that such innovations will contribute to a more sustainable and resilient aquaculture sector in the region.


-      SeafoodSource

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