June 18, 2018

Egypt's national plan to boost dairy productivity


Prompted by the importance of making dairy products available for all ages, Egypt is set to raise its dairy productivity under a national plan, according to the country's Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Mona Mehrez Ali Hassanein.

Hassanein stated that Egypt is self-sufficient in dairy products with a per capita milk consumption of 50kg yearly, Egypt Today reported. She elaborated that the country imports 166,000 tonnes of children's milk and powdered milk while it also exports 45,000 tonnes of dairy milk.

The fragmentation of livestock properties challenges the expansion of Egypt's dairy production. Livestock development also needs to take into account recommendations, programmes and the genetic improvement of Egyptian livestock - specifically, cows and buffaloes - to increase dairy productivity.

Hassanein explained that the genetic improvement of cows and buffaloes has been applied in five governorates, where genetic improvement units and artificial insemination for 5,000 heads of dairy cattle were developing the next generation of animals for higher milk production.

This development would occur with the establishment of farms specialised in foreign breeds of high-yielding cows that would increase the productivity of one head to an average of up to 50kg.