June 17, 2020


Singapore adds Saudi Arabia shrimps and Poland eggs among new food supplies


Singapore's Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Singapore Food Agency said in a joint statement that it has added shrimp from Saudi Arabia and eggs from Poland as part of the nation's efforts to expand its food supply sources, Business Times reported.


The statement added that Singapore has continuously expanded its import food sources, especially for common food such as chicken, egg and vegetables to safeguard the country's food security.


Singapore currently imports from 170 different countries or regions.


As the COVID-19 pandemic caused temporary closures of meat plants in the US, South America and Europe, there was panic buying among Singapore consumers initially. But that quickly faded as the government ensured sufficient food supplies.


The Singapore Food Agency had made it mandatory for key product importers to have contingency plan in the event of disruptions. 13 countries are approved for egg imports as of May 2020, 23 countries approved for frozen pork product imports (these include US, Brazil, Australia, Spain and Poland) and eight countries are allowed to export chilled pork.


Singapore also has a joint air freight capacity project with New Zealand for essential supplies such as food produce.


Seah Kian Peng, CEO of FairPrice Group, a Singapore supermarket chain said the group sources from 100 countries and aims to expand its list of import sources. The group imports eggs from Poland, Spain and Ukraine, and has agreements to forward buy produce from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia to protect again price changes.


Singapore will boost domestic production of vegetables, eggs and fish through additional funding channeled to growers as it targets a 30% increase of its nutritional needs by 2030.


-      Business Times