June 17, 2019

Nuscience launches START+ concept for piglets



Nuscience has developed START+, a solution containing components which stimulate gut maturation resulting in a more developed and healthier piglet, and hence leading to higher performance and increased profit.


"Genetic selection for increased litter size resulted in lower piglet birth weight and less developed piglets. Piglets also receive less sow colostrum and milk, containing specific prebiotic oligosaccharides necessary for their development," Nuscience explained the issues that prompted the development of START+.


START+ mimics the activity of prebiotic milk oligosaccharides. Sow milk, according to Nuscience, contains prebiotic oligosaccharides.


"In sows, these oligosaccharides are called porcine milk oligosaccharides (PMO). (In) the last years, several studies identified around 60 PMO, of which 24 of those 60 different oligosaccharides in porcine milk were also identified in human breastmilk, indicating the close resemblance between PMO and HMO (human milk oligosaccharides)," Nuscience elaborated.


"Unfortunately, not all newborns can be fed by their mother and some grow up on formula milk. Formula milk does not contain those important HMO or PMO. Therefore, researchers developed galacto-oligosaccharides or GOS, which mimic the functions of these prebiotic milk oligosaccharides. Like HMO and PMO, GOS can reach the large intestine, where they can act as prebiotics and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria."


Using an in-house developed in vitro model to test prebiotic activity in piglets, Nuscience's research team was able to select the most effective GOS and included these elements in the START+ concept.


When enriching Nuscience's Babi® creep feed with START+, several trials demonstrated a better development of the piglets' intestine. This improved gut maturation resulted in an increased piglet performance. Furthermore, the use of GOS was associated with improved gut barrier function and increased piglet immunity, leading to a healthier piglet and less need for antibiotic treatments.


"That's why (dry or liquid) Babi® creep feed enriched with START+, gives piglets a head start in life," Nuscience said.


- Nuscience