June 17, 2011


DSM launches new industry-standard probiotic feed additive



Royal DSM has launched Cylactin ME20, a product that sets new standards for stability in probiotic feed additives.


Building on the success of Cylactin ME10, the industry standard for inclusion in processed and pelleted feed, Cylactin ME20 offers even greater stability during the intense processing and pelleting conditions in modern feed production.


Like its predecessor, CylactinME20 is a live probiotic that produces lactic acid. Dr. Christophe Paulus, DSM Global Category Manager Eubiotics, comments: "While Cylactin ME10 has long been accepted as the industry standard for top performance, pre-conditioning of feed is taking longer now than in the past, with pelleting occurring at even higher temperatures. This means that increased protection is needed for the probiotic strain."


DSM has responded to this need by developing an improved microcapsule to house the probiotic," Dr Paulus continues. "This is thicker than the original microcapsule and offers more resistance to physical attrition and high temperatures. Multilayer technology also ensures added protection from steam, pressure and moisture." Despite this more robust protection, Dr Paulus points out, the double concentration of probiotic in the granules is just as active when reaching its site of action, the intestine.


DSM's new Cylactin ME20 plus features all the advantages of Cylactin ME10 in combination with improved thermostability. This brand new product comes with tougher encapsulation for even better probiotic survival during the increasingly intensive processing and pelleting conditions in modern feed production.


The innovative new coating materials in Cylactin ME20 plus allow the proven probiotic strain Enterococcus faecium NICMB 14015 to withstand energy inputs of up to 45 kW/t and pelleting temperatures of up to 95°C - an improvement of 10°C. Also retained with the new Cylactin probiotic are excellent flowability and mixing properties, as well as freedom from dust.


Cylactin ME20 plus is available for broilers, sows, piglets and feeding pigs, and for inclusion in milk replacers.

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