June 17, 2011


Phytase fuels growth for AB VISTA

Press Release

Sales of the phytase products sold by AB Vista have risen by 30% in the past 12 months as the efficacy of its products, along with a growing positive consensus in the scientific community, have helped to drive sales.


In the past year, AB Vista has worked to improve scientific understanding of phytase efficacy among the scientific community, culminating in the world's first International Phytase Summit (IPS), attended by luminaries from the scientific community.  Professor Aaron Cowieson and Dr. Peter Selle from Sydney University, said, "IPS has ignited the debate in the industry and we are now much closer to a genuine consensus within the industry.  IPS was the catalyst for greater understanding and will hopefully lead to the genuine industry benefits of phytase being fully exploited."


AB Vista has disseminated the IPS findings through a series of regional seminars across the globe. Further information on this conference is available at www.ips2010.com.


Managing Director of AB Vista, Richard Cooper, attributes the company's success to a simple formula, "We are delivering products that make a demonstrable difference to our customers and we provide them with service and advice which helps maximise those benefits.  We are not traders, we are solutions providers.  Allproduct development is geared to successfully delivering market solutions, delivered by 'best in class' support services."


One such example, cites Cooper, is Quantum, a new generation, thermo-resistant phytase which delivers cost efficiencies and proven efficacy whilst pioneering the superdosing model. Cooper says, "Quantum is enhanced specifically for use in animal feed, delivering the gastric stability needed to work more effectively in the key portions of the GI tract. This is significantly beneficial for the superdosing model as it results in gaining optimum value from feed."


"I've no doubt that developments such as Quantum will see AB Vista gain market share and achieve its goal of becoming the technology leader in the market," he says.

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