June 16, 2015


BioMar to launch new production line in Norway

The new production line in Karmøy, Norway will boost capacity by at least 140,000 tonnes per year.


The new production line will come on stream in Q2 2017, making the factory one of the biggest and most efficient fish feed production facilities in the world.


In 2014, the available Norwegian market for feed shrank and the margins achieved came under pressure as a consequence of Marine Harvest's launch of its own feed production operation. "We must expect the market to undergo short-term fluctuations. At BioMar, we take the long view and are investing for future growth in Norway that we are firmly convinced will come. We have already reached maximum capacity and if we want to continue to develop, further investment will be required," says Jan Sverre Røsstad, BioMar vice president responsible for the BioMar Group's activities in Norway and the United Kingdom.


"The Norwegian aquaculture industry leads the field in terms of technological development," adds Røsstad. "The forthcoming investment at Karmøy will equip the factory with state-of-the-art process technology that leads the field. As well as boosting our capacity and supporting our product development, the investment will also further enhance our production and logistics efficiency."


Carlos Diaz, CEO of BioMar Group, also points out, "Although BioMar Group is aiming for further growth in new geographical areas, this does not change our long-term commitment to the salmon markets, which will continue to be of key importance to us. Hence our further development in Norway will play a crucial part in the overall development of BioMar Group."

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