June 16, 2011


Russia's grain production may be lower compared to forecasts



The National Union of Grain Producers forecasts that the general grain production in Russia may be lower compared to the planned volumes of 85 million tonnes.


Pavel Skurikhin, President of the Union, is convinced that unfavorable weather conditions in some regions could lead to lower grain production volumes. According to Skurikhin, the rainy weather in the Volga region and dry conditions in the central regions of the country can contribute to such results (rains can lead to the decreasing of grain quality).


In some central areas the level of moisture in 6-metre layer of soil is quite low, said the President of the Union. In particular, Tula and Voronezh regions suffer the most.


The situation will largely depend on the weather conditions during the following three months, added Skurikhin.

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