June 16, 2011


Zhongpin Inc. declares voting outcomes of AGM



Zhongpin Inc., a major meat and food processing enterprise in the People's Republic of China, yesterday (Jun 15) declared the results of its 2011 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) organised in Beijing, China.


At the meeting, shareholders elected all five directors standing for office to serve until Zhongpin's 2012 annual meeting of stockholders and their successors are elected and qualified. The directors include Xianfu Zhu, Baoke Ben, Min Chen, Raymond Leal, and Yaoguo Pan (proxy item 1).


Shareholders ratified the appointment of BDO China Li Xin Hua CPA Co., Ltd. as Zhongpin's independent registered public accounting firm for its financial year ending December 31, 2011 (proxy item 2).


Of the shareholders casting their nonbinding advisory vote on the compensation of named executive officers, the majority voting approved the resolution (proxy item 3).


Of the shareholders casting their advisory vote of the frequency of future advisory votes on executive compensation (proxy item 4), there was no majority on stockholders' preference regarding the frequency of future advisory votes on executive compensation.


No other proposals were presented for a vote by shareholders, and no other business requiring the vote of shareholders was transacted at the AGM.


Zhongpin Inc. is a meat and food processing company that specialises in pork and pork products, vegetables, and fruits in China. Its distribution network in China covers 20 provinces plus Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Chongqing and includes 3,378 retail outlets. Zhongpin's export markets include Europe, Hong Kong, and other countries in Asia.

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