June 15, 2021

Amlan appoints new sales, marketing, technical staff for China team


Amlan International recently appointed eight sales, marketing and technical employees to its staff in China.

The appointments include Michael Hua (regional technical service manager) and King Zhu (technical service manager).

As a team lead, Hua will support and coach the sales team and channel partners to successfully build and expand the local technical service experience. Zhu joins Hua's technical service team and brings years of experience in swine production.

"China is the world's largest producer of pork and the top three in poultry production, and operations continue to grow in the country. We're committed to bringing the resources and expertise needed to help producers rise to the challenge to meet growing demand and evolving customer preferences," said Fred Kao, Amlan's vice president of global sales.

Amlan has also invested in expanding the capabilities of its three logistics centers, located strategically within China to meet the increased demand. Amlan established its China subsidiary, Amlan Trading (Shenzhen) Company, Ltd., in 2013 and had since added logistic warehouses in Tianjin, northeast China, Shenzhen in the southeast and Chongqing in the southwest. The supply hubs allow Amlan to quickly adjust to shifting product demands within the country.

"The size of China's consumer base and its rising middle class are contributing to an increased demand in animal protein in that market. The strategic new hires and investment in our infrastructure in China help support our mission of providing excellence in technical and customer service to keep pace with the growth of the business and evolving regulations," said Harold Zhou, director of operations for China at Amlan International. "Amlan's advancements in feed additive research and formulation are helping to transform animal protein production by providing proven and reliable alternatives to in-feed antibiotics used to promote growth and productivity in poultry and swine production."

The additional team members will provide enhanced knowledge and service for customers across the country. In addition to Hua and Zhu, Amlan also recently added the following to the China team:

- Area sales manager (general south of China) Teng Yingyun has 15 years of experience at another leading animal health company;

- Sales manager Chen Yazhou brings 10-plus years of sales experience to Amlan to support poultry and swine customers;

- Sales manager Luo Qiong spent years at a top animal health company working as a technical representative where he managed key customer relationships;

- Senior marketing specialist Sissi Fang was a member of a top animal health company for seven years;

- Human resource and paralegal ,anager Coy Xiao brings years of leading human resource efforts for various companies;

- Finance manager Jane Yang will work to further support Amlan's business expansion in China.

- Amlan