June 15, 2021


BASF receives GMP, ISO certifications for glycerin production at Dusseldorf, Germany site

BASF has obtained two new certifications, GMP+ and ISO 22000, for its crude glycerin production at its Dusseldorf-Holthausen, Germany site.


Both certifications are important standards for the food and feed industry.


GMP+ defines the requirements and conditions for setting up a feed safety management system to safeguard, for example, production, processing, storage and handling of feed, BASF said.


The ISO 22000 standard is a management system for ensuring food safety.


"Consumers want to know where their products come from and under what conditions they were manufactured. GMP+ and ISO 22000 are crucial standards to ensure quality, traceability and safety along the complete production chain and an essential requirement for our customers. With the new certifications, we offer them more flexibility when it comes to serving current market requirements and supplying food and feed processing companies with high-quality glycerin," said Agustin Sanchez, BASF's vice president of business management (Standard Surfactants Europe).


Crude glycerin is a by-product generated during fatty alcohol production. It can be used after further refining for different industries, such as food, personal care and pharma. BASF mainly supplies its crude glycerin to refiners and distributors, who further process and redistribute it.