June 15, 2016


Animine: Study reveals high bioavailability of CoRouge® copper



Animine presented for the first time bioavailability data of the company's new copper source, CoRouge®, during the sixth International Symposium in Catania, Italy, organised by the Federation of European Societies on Trace Elements and Minerals (FESTEM).


The conference brought together scientists from human medicine and health, as well as those from animal nutrition.


Animine's study, supervised by Dr. James Collins, a world known expert in copper biochemistry at the University of Florida, involved the comparison of the bioavailability of CoRouge® to copper sulfate in Cu-depleted rats. Working with laboratory animals is necessary since formulating Cu-deficient diets is a challenge with livestock and poultry species.


Different criteria have been measured, showing the high bioavailability of CoRouge which has been launched in many countries this year.

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